Days of rath

These humans, where are they going?
There’s hatred born of lies disguised as truth.
They feel a little sick, while running here and there like ants
Self destructive addictions being normalized, incorporated and,
and like nuclear radiation’s really good for you.
They cling to the six o’clock news like ousters,
business as usual and they remain appropriate.
Rewarded with sparkly numbers and a new car, lets go with that
I’ll be so f**king happy when I get that new car.
These humans,
Bound into slavery with a tiny footprint.
machine churns on,
Poor feller these humans.


LAST DAYS, are you ready?

Soon, all the veils will be lifted. Then every life ever lived will be Judged.
Those who (truly) follow the teaching of Jesus, will be spared the horror and sense of hopelessness felt by those who lived for the flesh. Those judged by themselves to be unclean will have only one desire. To return again to the physical world and be again, flesh and bone. They, the lost, will linger in the darkest pit for eternity knowing there is no one to hear them cry out and no way back home.
Always walk with Jesus in the light of the holy spirit and you will have no need to fear God on judgement day.
Repent and accept The Holy Spirit into your heart.
If your mind tells you this is not true, and the God bit is just a story, you must take a few seconds to look deep into your own heart and allow yourself to see what we all instinctively know to be true.

Blessing to all.

Flying Saucers are not Space Ships.

The world is going broke…

All the money is being siphoned into deep underground cities and all sorts of black opp’s technologies like, light speed capable disks piloted by hybrid humans. They can transport a small saucer beyond time and space.
So why do they keep building huge rockets and even plan to move humans permanently to Mars in a huge space ship. Why don’t they just use big flying saucers?
Actually they can get 2 or 3 men to mars at light speed or faster! However, the saucers cannot carry a “payload” due to balance issues, and other weight factors.
The Germans were building them in the early 40’s to use as sky spies, and later developed them at secret South Pole bases to weapons of war. Some say they were the”Super Elite” until the US back engineered a crashed saucer and leveled the playing field a little. Some even suggest we were warned to keep off the Moon by the SP Super power.
Now days its not just the South Pole who have militarized anti gravity craft in all shapes and sizes, but still they have no cargo bay, simply because that just can’t be done,  yet.

Witness UFO Event.


Adrian, his sister Gaynor, and Myself, were camping out in the backyard of my home near Sydney NSW.

At that time the only satellite in orbit was the Russian ‘Sputnik’ it did nothing much except be the first satellite, beep- beep- beep was the signal that it sent to Earth, as it crossed the sky each night. 

So it was no surprise when it came into view that night about 10 pm. looking like a bright moving star. We all watched it until it was out of sight on the western horizon.   I was astonished a minute later to see a second Sputnik following the same course and speed as the first, and looking exactly the same. we were debating the meaning of this, and agreeing it had to be a UFO, we knew there were no ‘other’ man made objects in space. 

Then It happened. The second object, Stopped.  Suddenly, without slowing first, it just stopped moving and sat there looking like a bright star, blending in perfectly with the other stars.

We watched it so intently my eyes were beginning to water when…A smaller object moved away from the “Mothership” and then shot off like a bullet into the cosmos. We confirmed with each other what we had seen over and over. The Mothership did not move before we fell asleep.

 Next morning we again confirmed what we had seen and made a pact to tell no-one.  Who would believe us ?… Now 52 years later, I’m telling you, dear reader.


Dolphins can see the future of mankind


Many years ago when camping in Bundjalung, one of Australia’s coastal national parks, I had a life changing experience.
I met a pod of Dolphins while taking a swim at sunrise. These Friendly ocean beings played in the waves with me for about 15 minutes before dashing away to someplace else. That evening in my sleeping bag I remembered a friend telling me years before, about Dolphin Meditation and Dolphin consciousness.

I drifted into a self induced hypnotic trance state through deep zen meditation. and soon found myself swimming with the Dolphins again, but in a different reality.

The water felt like cool air on my skin and I moved effortlessly through it. I had on my Dolphin body. They were as curious about me, as I was of them. To my great surprise they spoke to me, not in words but in pictures and emotions. After some long time, ‘Time has no place in Dolphin awareness’ I asked one of the teenagers among them if I could meet an elder, as I had a question.

They led me to a coral cay where the oldest and wisest of Dolphins lived. He was a big bloke, pale gray and spotted. No need for introductions, he knew who I was and what my question was. I wanted to know what his people thought about human beings and our activities. The answer came as an emotion. He filled my head with something deeper and greater than sadness, despair, shock, hopelessness and a lot of other negative feelings. It hit me in the heart like a bullet, It left me shaking and gasping for breath. I have no words to describe that feeling well enough, I asked if there is any hope for mankind. He let me know that we will not survive , We are here,  just for now. However there is some good news as well, He told me Humans will evolve into spiritual creatures before the End or at least at the end. He told of wars and famine of the holocaust to come. He emphasised the importance of mental and spiritual preparation.
We must do this or remain lost for all time he said..

I still do Dolphin meditation and enjoy it for the wonderful state of freedom and joy it brings me. I won’t go into how to do dolphin meditation in detail here, I suggest you just google it as I’m sure others can explain it better than myself.

Try it yourself but remember to be careful about what you say to them. Better still, say nothing at all, just be.

peace be with you.

Once Was A Garden

Window to the past

Window to the past60698771Anna Creek, Ruins

I found these pix of the Anna Creek fettlers camp ruins near Williams Creek, in outback South Australia.
I actually lived and worked there as a 19-20 yr old, for about 18 months. 10 Fettlers,  a Ganger and a Cook lived in this, and one other building that was the kitchen and Gangers rooms.  That was 1968-69 and this old building was about 100 yrs old, and had been well maintained all that time. It had a steep corrugated iron  roof , There were also  several outbuildings and machinery sheds. We fettlers maintained a fifty kilometer stretch of rail track on the old Ghan line. The line closed up a couple of years after my stay, and dozens of these old camps fell into ruins.
While there I created a small market garden out back, and grew shrubs and flowers around the buildings, watered from a deep  hole in the mostly sandy, Fink River,  only a few hundred metres away.
Mulch was hard to come by but essential to keep the beds moist. I found a large pile of old railway blankets in one of the sheds and promptly put them to work as mulch, it worked a treat. I never had to fertilize as the desert soil was very rich already, evidenced by the thick blanket of desert flowers that popped up in the short wet season each year.
The garden  produced more than enough for a dozen men so the excess was swapped for meat at a nearby cattle station ( The Anna Creek Station) about an hours drive away.
I took hundreds of photographs while there but unfortunately, a girlfreind years later threw them, and all my belongings to the tip in a jealous rage.
(I’m still cranky about that, Lillian)

Garlic. Easy to grow. 5 star value crop.

Garlic. Easy to grow. 5 star value crop.

Some of the white garlick I harvested last spring and summer. I used minimal water and one light feed of organic fertilizer. the flavour was excellent, better than supermarket thats for sure…
For best results, I like to use old fence palings laid out about 2″ apart. Planting seed about every 6″ in the gaps. I find garlic does not like wet soil, slightly moist and well drained is best.