Flying Saucers are not Space Ships.

The world is going broke…

All the money is being siphoned into deep underground cities and all sorts of black opp’s technologies like, light speed capable disks piloted by hybrid humans. They can transport a small saucer beyond time and space.
So why do they keep building huge rockets and even plan to move humans permanently to Mars in a huge space ship. Why don’t they just use big flying saucers?
Actually they can get 2 or 3 men to mars at light speed or faster! However, the saucers cannot carry a “payload” due to balance issues, and other weight factors.
The Germans were building them in the early 40’s to use as sky spies, and later developed them at secret South Pole bases to weapons of war. Some say they were the”Super Elite” until the US back engineered a crashed saucer and leveled the playing field a little. Some even suggest we were warned to keep off the Moon by the SP Super power.
Now days its not just the South Pole who have militarized anti gravity craft in all shapes and sizes, but still they have no cargo bay, simply because that just can’t be done,  yet.


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