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LAST DAYS, are you ready?

Soon, all the veils will be lifted. Then every life ever lived will be Judged.
Those who (truly) follow the teaching of Jesus, will be spared the horror and sense of hopelessness felt by those who lived for the flesh. Those judged by themselves to be unclean will have only one desire. To return again to the physical world and be again, flesh and bone. They, the lost, will linger in the darkest pit for eternity knowing there is no one to hear them cry out and no way back home.
Always walk with Jesus in the light of the holy spirit and you will have no need to fear God on judgement day.
Repent and accept The Holy Spirit into your heart.
If your mind tells you this is not true, and the God bit is just a story, you must take a few seconds to look deep into your own heart and allow yourself to see what we all instinctively know to be true.

Blessing to all.